3-day's online workshop for lecturers and designers
Bauhaus Open Studios – Teaching Models
A Project of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in cooperation with IGUMO
October 2020
Who is the Workshop designed for?
This is an educational project by the legendary Bauhaus school of design in Dessau (Germany). The 3-day's online workshop is aimed at learning the pedagogical heritage of the Bauhaus and innovative concepts of design schools. The education is carried out by the Bauhaus lecturers and Russian experts.

The event will take place as part of the Year of Germany in Russia.
Introduction to the Bauhaus
Speakers from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will give lectures about the history of the school and its contribution to world culture.

A virtual tour of the Bauhaus school accompanied by a guide.
Day 1
Practical classes using unique historical training materials developed by Bauhaus teachers.

The classes will be delivered by the Bauhaus lecturers.
Day 2
Historyof the VKHUTEMAS
Virtual tour of the historical heritage of the VKHUTEMAS art school.

Workshop based on the teaching methodology of Russia's first design school.
Day 3
What will participants get?
Certificate of completion
The document confirms the completion of the programme 'Bauhaus Open Studios – Teaching Models – A Project of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Cooperation with IGUMO'
Teaching materials
Every participant will get a copy of a textbook with creative exercises
Valuable experience and knowledge
You will learn unique information about design teaching models relevant even after 100 years
The Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO) is a higher education institution in Moscow. The Institute has been fulfilling its creativity-based innovative educational techniques for 28 years already.

Development of international communication and educational and creative projects is among the priority tasks of IGUMO.
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is the centre of scientific research, educational, and experimental design. It was established by the Federal Government of Germany in 1994 and is currently located in the historical building of the Bauhaus in Dessau.

The Foundation strives to preserve, research, and spread the heritage of the Bauhaus. It is also engaged in designing and developing the human habitat.
Cost of participation
2000 RUB
  • 3 days of online classes
  • Working with copies of teaching materials
  • Certificate of completion
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Participation with the recommendation
1000 RUB
  • 50% discount is available to owners of the recommendation from a director or a rector of an educational institution
  • 3 days of online classes with teaching aids
  • Certificate of completion
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